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How to vote in Sechelt

There are three voting days. You may choose to vote on any day, at any location, but you may only vote once.

Wednesday Oct 10  8am-8pm  Sechelt Library
Tuesday Oct 16  8am-8pm  Sechelt Library

Saturday Oct 20  8am-8pm  Sechelt Legion
Saturday Oct 20  8am-8pm  Davis Bay Elementary
Saturday Oct 20  8am-8pm  West Sechelt Elementary

You can also vote by mail by contacting the District of Sechelt.  

To be eligible to vote you must have lived in Sechelt for 30 days and BC for 6 months, be 18 years or older, and a Canadian Citizen. You do not need to own property.

If you personally (i.e. not a corporation) own property in Sechelt but do not live in Sechelt, you may register as a non-resident property elector with the District of Sechelt.  

You do not need to register to vote, just show up to any of the polling locations with two forms of ID such as a driver’s license, care card (if separate from driver’s license), passport, credit card, or utility bill.

In the voter’s booth, you will be voting for mayor and council. You have one vote for mayor and six votes for council. You do not need to use all of your votes, and they are not ranked. 

In Sechelt, the three candidates for school board trustee were all acclaimed, so they will not be on the ballot. SCRD board members for Sechelt are chosen by council after the election. Two members of council (or mayor) will be selected to serve on the SCRD board.

Your ballot for the BC proportional representation referendum will be mailed to you and is not part of the Sechelt election process.

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Candidate Information

I believe in an informed voter, so here is all the information I can find online about each candidate in Sechelt.


Allan Holt | Coast Reporter
Bruce Milne | Website | Coast Reporter
Darnelda Siegers | Website | Facebook | Coast Reporter


Matt McLean | Website | Facebook | Coast Reporter
Jacqueline Gillis | Facebook | Coast Reporter
Darren Inkster | Coast Reporter
Janice Kuester | Facebook | Coast Reporter
Thomas Lamb
Tony Lobb | Website | Facebook | Coast Reporter
Alice Lutes | Website | Facebook | Coast Reporter
Lennea Perpet | Facebook | Coast Reporter
Brenda Rowe | Facebook | Coast Reporter
Eric Scott | Facebook | Coast Reporter
Mike Shanks | Coast Reporter
Alton Toth | Website | Facebook | Coast Reporter
Doug Wright | Website | Coast Reporter

Online Surveys

Coast FM - Sechelt Council Candidates
Coast FM - Sechelt Mayor Candidates
Sunshine Coast Conservation Association
Coast Reporter - Sechelt Council Candidates
Coast Reporter - Sechelt Mayor Candidates

All Candidate Forums

These are the best way to find out more about each candidate.

Davis Bay Mayoral Forum
Sunday Oct 14 2pm-5pm
Davis Bay Hall

Candidate Speed Meeting
Monday Oct 15 6pm-8pm
Sechelt Botanical Garden

Sechelt Chamber All Candidates Forum - Oct 11, 2018