Building on our uniqueness

If you asked me to describe Sechelt in a few words, I would say something like:

Sechelt is a connected community. We work together to shape our community, and we support our neighbours. We are in sync with the water and the mountains, and we enjoy life at the pace that it comes at us.

This is also my vision for Sechelt. We need to build on our strengths, and actively work to ensure that these things can continue to happen.

Sechelt faces economic challenges such as housing affordability and shifting to a tourism-based economy. We face geographic challenges with access to clean drinking water and dependence on BC Ferries. We face sociological challenges with a rapidly ageing population and high levels of social isolation. Moreover, we face environmental challenges with the effects of climate change.

Sechelt did not directly cause any of these challenges, but we need to address them to continue to live as we do now. These significant societal changes will affect every one of us, and if we don't address them, Sechelt will be swept up and spat out.

Find out how I will work to address these challenges.