Customer Service

Every person who interacts with District of Sechelt deserves to be treated with respect.


We are all customers of the District of Sechelt. Whether we want to ask a question of a councilor, build an extension on our house, or invest in a business, we all deserve to be treated with the utmost respect from the District of Sechelt.

I want to create a customer service strategy for the District of Sechelt. This is something that is common in private industry, but currently, only a few municipalities of our size have embraced this approach to serving citizens, visitors, and investors.

A customer service strategy will include customer service training for all public facing staff. This will teach the basic tenants of customer service, which could consist of principles such as professional, available, trustworthy, timely, and accessible.


This strategy would assist in the setting of service delivery goals and metrics to determine if those goals were achieved. This will inform the budget process, and provide transparency to new position creations.

I firmly believe in monitoring and evaluating any policy or project, and this program would hold many of the metrics that are important to local government. No more will we rely on random survey questions about citizen satisfaction, this will be a deliberate process that connects goals to performance.

With better customer service, we can rebuild trust, and bring more people into our decision making and planning processes. We are strongest when we work together, and that has to start with the District of Sechelt respecting its customers - you!