Community leadership

We make better decisions when the community is involved in the process.


The community is at the centre of everything that is Sechelt. We have so many great community groups and community leaders, and we need to support them.

I will support community leaders by investing in them. The first step will be to take a comprehensive look at the three largest community grant programs in Sechelt. I would look at the District of Sechelt's Community Investment Program, the Community Foundation Grants, and the Community Forrest Legacy Fund. How can these grants work together to ensure that no community leader with a good idea goes unsupported? It's a simple discussion, but one that could have a significant impact.

The second aspect of this plan is to involve community leaders in decisions at the District of Sechelt. We should create more standing committees on relevant topics to the community. These topics could include daycare, housing, active transportation, economic development, downtown revitalization, parks, and any other municipal issue that could use more input and discussion than what the council can provide.


Standing committees have no power to make decisions - that responsibility always lays with Sechelt Council. They would, however, have an opportunity to make recommendations to council. Standing Committees will go a long way towards restoring trust to the decisions that council makes because they will be informed by a formal community body who have a closer connection to the issue at hand.

The third plank of my plan is to increase community engagement by formally supporting community associations. Sechelt has a strong culture of community associations that provide excellent feedback to the District of Sechelt on many planning issues, but they are often reliant on strong community leaders. I want to give funding and responsibility to community associations to maintain some part of their neighbourhood.

Enabling community leadership for neighbourhood projects can result in substantial cost savings. With a small investment from the District of Sechelt, we can activate a dedicated volunteer resource to improve parts of their neighbourhoods. It's about working together between the municipality and the citizens to make our community better.


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